IndieGoGo Update #4: New Signed Books!

Every day, we are amazed by what’s been accomplished here!

There’s been a bit of radio silence this morning, because we’ve been busy adding a bunch of new perks as a big thank you for all of the support so far!

Today’s new perks are:

Super-Signed copies of Unfettered: $120

Unfettered was published to cover the medical costs Shawn Speakman incurred when he was diagnosed with cancer. A few people managed to sign some copies and send them over to Worldbuilders so they could do double the good, and this is your chance to grab some.

Copper Dice from Esoteric Garage: $120

Esoteric Garage has sent us cool copper good multiple times, including some copper dice in the past. We’veonly got ten sets available, so if they interest you, grab them now!

Dust Jacket Proofs for The Slow Regard of Silent Things, signed by Pat: $15

This is super cool. These are some of the proofs that DAW sent to the printer to have approved. They’re not the correct dimensions for the novella, so they won’t be usable on the actual book, but they’re great collector’s pieces for anyone interested. There are only 40, and 11 sold before this update even launched…

Princess Coloring Book Pages Colored by Kat, Brett& Maria, and Pat & Oot!: $100

In the middle of all of the joyous mania yesterday, the whole team took the time to relax and color some pages from the Princess coloring book with two of our favorite supporters, Oot and Cutie Snoo, as well as their parents. When we were done, three of the pages were so good, we thought we’d offer each one up for sale with a coloring book. It’d look great on your fridge smile

Rare, Triple-Signed Copies of Beatrice’s Goat: $50

Beatrice’s Goat is a beautiful children’s book that shows the way Heifer International helps families and the impact it has on their lives overall. These copies are signed not only by the author and illustrator (Page McBrier and Lori Lohstoeter, respectively), but also by Beatrice herself, who is now fully grown and doing great things with her life.

More 500 Chip Poker Box Sets: $900

We were happy and impressed by how quickly the poker box sets sold out, so we’ve released two more for those of you who are bummed to have missed out.

That’s it for today, but tonight there’s going to be an AMA on Reddit! Pat, Maria, Brett, and Amanda are going to be there, as well as Karen Hallion, and possibly some other cool folks. If you’ve got any burning questions about Worldbuilders, the campaign, or what it’s like to work with Pat, head on over and ask them!