IndieGoGo Update #3: Outtakes and Rings!


There’s some serious mania in the Worldbuilders office this morning! We’re only $800 away from hitting $30k, and we are running out of superlatives to express our joy.

As promised, here is our blooper reel, featuring the monkey, mystery, and Nerf Guns.

We’re working hard on coming up with new stretch goals, and we’ll hopefully have a list of them for you later this afternoon once we’ve brainstormed more. In the meantime, NEW PERKS!

Today, we bring you Kvothe’s Vintish Court Rings from Badali Jewelry, who make a bunch of beautiful fantasy accessories, including a few from the Kingkiller Chronicle. This set includes one each of Kvothe’s own rings, as presented to him by Bredon–one gold ring, one silver ring, and one iron ring. All the rings are sized 11.5, and are meant for display as they do in Vintas.

We’ve only got 50 available, so if you’re interested, grab one while you still can!

You all rock and we love you.

-The Worldbuilders Team