IndieGoGo Update #5: Cards, Coins, and Books!

We just hit the 1,500 funders mark as this was being typed – thanks so much to every single one of you.

We’ll get to all the new goods in a bit, but first, a few questions that have been coming up:

The new Book Bundle C2 is still USA only. If you’re from outside the US and accidentally purchased it, please email us at so we can sort it out.

A few people have asked where they can get copies of the first Adventures of the Princess and Mr. Whiffle book. We sell volume one in The Tinker’s Packs, so if you don’t have it, that’s where it’s available.

Finally, during our AMA last night, someone asked about Pat’s woefully overdue Photo Contest from (get this) 2011. Pat and Amanda agreed that our $75,000 stretch goal will be that they will put together and post another photo contest blog within the next month.

We’ve added a bunch of new stuff today, including 3 limited edition Neil Gaiman prints that already sold out – sorry if you missed them!

Here’s the list:

White Rabbit Card Decks: Standard and Limited, $18/$35

Pat is actually the king of hearts in this deck of cards, which is a nice bonus on top of some already beautiful card art.

White Rabbit Uncut Card Sheets: $55

Uncut card sheets are a really cool way to display all of the art from the card decks Albino Dragon has produced, and they tend to be a little harder to get your hands on.

Cealdish Currency E’lir Set: $60

These are version one of the currency from the Kingkiller Chronicles, which sold out in only a few days recently. We gathered together the remaining jots and drabs to sell in E’lir packs, just for youguys.

Signed Legend of Neil DVDs with Poster: $35

Legend of Neil is a cool series that was written and directed by Sandeep Parikh. He, Felicia Day, and Tony Janning signed some DVD sets for us, and we’veincluded The Last Season poster, for those of you who are geeks for Legend of Zelda the way we are.

Rogues with numbered Bast Off! Cards: $110

People who have followed Pat’s blog and The Tinker’s Packs for a while asked us if we’d include our limited edition Bast Off! cards in the fundraiser, so we thought we’d give it a shot. Pat and Brett each doodled their own versions of Bast and signed the card, which comes with your own hardcover copy of Rogues.

That’s all the new merch for today, but there will be more tomorrow. In the meantime, if you wanna help spread the word, here are three Facebook cover photos you could use to show off, plus they have sneak peeks…


– The Worldbuilders Team