IndieGoGo Perks Update!

Hi guys!

We don’t have the graphic done, and at the rate things are going, we might not have time!

Please note that we will be combining perks into as few shipments as possible, so we will be waiting until all the perks are in before we send them out. Thanks for your patience–this is the best way for us to keep it all straight!

Here’s the Big List of where we stand on production:

Karen Hallion Calendar: Brett’s finishing up the Kingkiller page, and we’ve sent an early version of the calendar to Karen for approval. We have a printer lined up, and it’s the same company who printed the pinup calendars and last year’s Heifer International calendar–as well as the Grey Riders poster and Princess Coloring Book. They’re awesome, and we know exactly how they work. Once the designs are approved, it’s off to the printer!

Digital Download Wallpapers: Amanda sent the link for the wallpaper download a few days after the campaign ended. If you pledged for that perk and did not receive an email with the link, please check your spam filter.

Name of the Wind Magnets: Done!

Worldbuilders / Tinker’s Packs Magnets: The proofs have been approved, and the magnets ordered. It’s the same place that made the NotW magnets, so we know they’ll look great!

Slow Regard Signed Dust Jackets: We have them in hand! Pat signed all of them before he left for San Diego.

All NotW Card Decks: Done!

All White Rabbit Decks: Done!

Princess Coloring Book: Brett is picking up the second proof this afternoon (the first one had a few errors). Once this one is okayed, printing begins!

Tinker’s Blend Coffee & Mug: Label design is finished. We need to print labels and get them to the coffee folks, who graciously offered to attach the labels as they filled the bags of coffee. We’re looking at a two-week turnaround once the labels are in their hands. The mugs design is finalized and the mugs are ordered.

Princess Cask Tee Shirt: We got the proofs in from the tee-shirt folks, and they look great! There were a few blips that they already saw and fixed, so we placed the order this morning. Please note that we sent out a survey to everyone who pledged for a tee-shirt, asking for your size. If you haven’t filled out the survey, please check your email (and possibly your spam filter).

Princess Book 2: Done!

Modegan Grey Riders Poster: We have a quote on the way, Shane has okayed the final design and we’re ordering them tomorrow morning!

Legend of Neil Signed DVD Pack: Done!

All Book Bundles, A, B, C and C2: We’re on the tail end of packing the books in bubble wrap. After that, it’s mail-merge time, and we’ll box everything up for shipment!

Auri Novella Preorder: The novel will be out at the very end of October, so we’ll start shipping the day before street date. Some of you may get your book on its release date, but most of you might have a bit of a wait. We know you need them, so shipping these out will be our #1 priority when we get ’em.

Stuff From Our Desks: Almost everyone has their stuff together, but we’re waiting for Brett and Maria.

Beatrice’s Goat: Done!

Uncut White Rabbit Card Sheets: Done!

Cealdish Coins E’Lir set: Done!

In Relig Oran, signed by Neil Gaiman: On order from Neil.

Bast Off! by Pat & Oot: Done!

One of Vi Hart’s Markers: The COA is off to Vi for approval. Once she gives it the OK, we’ll print them up and send them to her to art on. She’ll ship ’em back to us with the markers, and we’ll be good!

Solid Copper Dice: Done!

Desert Wind, signed by Neil Gaiman: On order from Neil.

Princess Pages: Colored!:  Done!

All Kvothe’s Court Rings: Done!

Rogues & Bast Off! Doodle Cards: Done!

Unfettered Anthology Mega-Signed: Done!

100 Words, signed by Neil Gaiman: On order from Neil.

Dresden Shield Bracelets: On order from Badali.

Hankified Ukelele: Hank will be shipping these to us soon.

Geek A Week Style Portrait: We’re in touch with Len about how to coordinate this around his schedule.

All Poker Sets: On the packing table! We’re filling them with chips and cards and packing them up. We should be done by tomorrow.

PAX Pairs Party Tickets: We’re finalizing plans with James.

Whew! That’s a lot of perks, but we’ve got you covered! So far things are going along nicely, and we expect to start shipping stuff out in a few weeks. As always, if you have any questions or concerns about your perks, address changes, and that sort of thing, drop us a line at and we’ll take care of you!

Thank you guys so much!

–The Worldbuilders Team