And now the work starts!

You guys! We can’t even. We figured if we were lucky, our IndieGoGo campaign might–might–reach $50,000. If we were lucky. Y’all quadrupled that because apparently, Worldbuilders supporters are the best people in the world. Not only did you help us continue our support for Heifer International, but you gave us a good idea of some new stuff to sell in our online store, you demonstrated once again that you are voracious readers, and you forced Pat to buy us all ice cream. Really.

It was glorious. He had a root beer float with chocolate ice cream.

And now reality sets in.

We’re madly placing orders for your stuff! Coffee and mugs have been ordered, as have the coloring book and magnets. We’re sorting data and getting everybody’s orders consolidated so as soon as things come in, we can pack and ship without delay.

A number of emails have been coming in with valid questions, so we put together a specific IndieGoGo FAQ for you guys. Don’t be shy about emailing us if we haven’t covered your question.

We’ll post a chart so you can keep track of where we stand on the various perks, from ordering and approving designs to receipt and fulfillment. When it’s up, we’ll have a link on the main Worldbuilders page. This News area will also be a bit more lively than usual so we can chat a little more in-depth about some of the stuff we’re up to.