Calendars, volunteers, and Vegemite

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at Worldbuilders Central, but then that seems to be the norm. We’ll be wrapping up IndieGoGo fulfillment this week, now that the Karen Hallion Calendars are back from the printer. They look better than we imagined, so we can’t wait to share them with you guys!

We’ve had a small team of volunteers coming in here and there to keep the fulfillment train chugging away, so special shout-outs to Nicole, Vicki, Tracey, and Alistair, who took time out from his motorcycle trip from Alaska to South America to help us for a couple days. We’re not even kidding. And, being from Australia, he declared we needed a cultural exchange, and brought in Vegemite for us to try. Since we’re all Wisconsinites, we decided to reciprocate by introducing him to cheese curds.

He absolutely delighted in the cheese curds:

Our reaction to Vegemite was a little different:

Sorry Al! So if you live in the US and ordered a calendar as a perk, it’s pretty likely Alistair and Nicole packed it for you. That exciting process looked like this:

And on a final note, if you tried ordering anything from The Tinker’s Packsthis week, you may have noticed that you couldn’t. There’s nothing wrong, we just took the store down for the week while we work on a Big Surprise. And, since it’s not that surprise-y, we’ll let you know that the redesigned website will be lovely and wonderful. We’re pretty stoked. Be sure to stop by The Tinker’s Packs next week to bask in its glory! Or at least check out the cool stuff.

Thanks guys! Y’all are the best posse a non-profit could hope for!

–The Worldbuilders Team