Our annual fundraiser starts on November 27th!

That’s right, not only does our annual fundraiser start on November 27th, but it will be the 10th annual Worldbuilders fundraiser for Heifer International! Pat started the fundraiser in his living room a decade ago, and here we are, bigger and better than ever! So how’s it gonna go down? We’re glad you asked, hypothetical person!

We’ve already received our first sponsor donation from longtime sponsor, Subterranean Press. Their books arrived yesterday, and Jenny spent some time cataloging and shelving them, because she’s awesome.

Probably while listening to the Friendshipping podcast.

Rachel and Maria have been plotting and planning, so we aim to hit the ground running this year. We have some cool new ideas, some awesome contributors, and a TON of stories to share with you all during the fundraiser. For any of you who have been with us for a while, you might notices some new stuff…

  • The fundraiser will run for two weeks. Two! We won’t be extending it this year so we can start packing lottery items ASAP. Because of this, we will be featuring a lot of cool activities pretty quickly.
  • Our AMA over on Reddit’s r/fantasy will take place right away during week 1. We will announce our guests down the road, but we have some wonderful folks lined up to answer (and ask) questions.
  • Our auctions will all launch on the first day of the fundraiser. All of ’em. We will have a bunch of eBay auctions for cool collectibles, and every one of them will run for 10 days, starting on the 27th. This means all the auctions will end before the fundraiser does, which will allow us to update our total raised while the fundraiser is still running.
  • We will be hosting another game tournament! That will be week 2, with details coming out closer to the fundraiser launch.

There’s more in the works, including a bunch of stories we can’t wait to share, but we figured you’d want to know what’s up as soon as we did. Don’t forget to save (and share!) the date, and we’ll see you in November!

Speaking of sharing, feel free to use this nifty graphic for all your sharing-of-nifty-graphics needs: