Office-wide Hide & Seek!

Planning a fundraiser is a little stressful. We won’t lie. It’s some of the most rewarding work we can think of, but there are a lot of plates spinning, and sometimes all that spinning makes us dizzy! So Maria declared that we all needed to do something fun, as long as we could fit it into 10 minutes…because we still have a lot to do. With such a large building for such a small staff, of course we decided to play hide & seek!

Everyone assembled in the Worldbuilders Market area in the middle of the building and nominated Jeff to be “it.” We also roped poor Krispy into it, since volunteers can’t get away that easily! To add a little mystery, we turned off most of the office lights. It’s just easier to hide in the dark, anyway.

Jeff hid in the men’s room to count and we gave Krispy an extra minute to find a hiding place, since she’s not as familiar with the building. Then everyone else stampeded out of the janitor’s closet and got into position. At the end of the second minute, Jeff was on the prowl.

Grab your Dramamine, because we have real-time video! Who gets found? Who gets away? Let’s find out!

At the end, we all compared notes, without spoilers for who was hiding where of course. Jenny declared that we should play another game, for no reason. Really, none at all. Okay, because she wanted to win this time, that’s why. And Mike reminded everyone that, being 6-foot-4, he has a built-in disadvantage.

Will there be another round? You bet! And in the mean time, we’ll keep planning out the fundraiser. Then, the morning of November 27th, we start two solid weeks of fun raising money for Heifer International in our (oooh, we get to say it out loud) 10th annual fundraiser! Ten! Thank you all for joining us, but now…and this is very important…we highly recommend you get together with a bunch of friends and play a few games of hide & seek.

Just don’t tell them where Anne hid.