Rose City Comic Con: Nicest. Con. Ever.

Maria, Anne, and Rachel hopped a plane out to Portland, Oregon last weekend for our first-ever trip to Rose City Comic Con! The con went amazingly well, and we still can’t believe how nice everyone at the con was–from the attendees, to the awesome staff, to our lovely booth-neighbors, everyone was just so wonderfully kind. It sort of makes us wonder if the Midwest needs to step up our kindness game a little bit. We thought we had pretty solidly cemented our status as South Canada, but Portland might be putting up a fight for that title. If so, it will be the gentlest and most polite fight in history. Both sides will probably concede, then join each other for a nice craft beer.

Our trip began at an eye-blinking 5:30 AM with a quick stop at the local FedEx hub to try to sweet-talk our way into picking up a package that hadn’t been delivered the day before. Since our good friends at Badali Jewelry weren’t going to be at Rose City Comic Con, we wanted to make sure we could show off some of the amazing new Bitch Planet Jewelry they’ve been creating out of pure love and brilliance (and metal). We made friends with a truck mechanic, a desk clerk, and a few drivers, and got the package just in time to still make our flight!

Of course we had to tweet this photo of Anne enjoying her victory coffee with our hard-won box.

Kelly Sue was just as happy about it as we were:

We spent Thursday and Friday morning getting everything set up, so that we were ready to go when the hall opened Friday afternoon!

Lookit all the cool stuff! And Maria and Anne!!

We spent the day chatting with supporters and attendees (who, we might have mentioned, were just the nicest people), saw some amazing cosplay, and even got some special Worldbuilders hats made!

On Saturday, Kelly Sue De Connick and Matt Fraction swung by our booth for a signing, and they were just delightful. If you haven’t had a chance to meet them in person, we wholeheartedly recommend visiting them the next time they’re in your area–they had a meaningful conversation with everyone who swung by, snapped some duck face selfies, and even stayed late to sign extra books for us to sell on Worldbuilders Market. Both of them are as smart and funny as you’d think, but very down to earth and ridiculously easy to talk to.

Even if Matt needed a bit more coffee that day.

Keep truckin’ home slice.

Sunday was a nice, calm day full of more awesome people, and the con came to an end quicker than we were ready for! Rachel and Maria can neither confirm nor deny that they may or may not have gone on a covert mission to retrieve our pallets from storage sooner than the convention center staff brought them out, but we can say that packing up went a lot faster than usual. And seriously, we can’t overstate how helpful all the con staff were.

After a weekend of great people, great food, and a great con, we’ve officially labeled Rose City Comic Con as The Most Pleasant Con In Existence. Big Thanks to everyone who stopped at our booth and helped make Rose City an amazing experience. So. Same time next year?