The Worldbuilders Comic

The somewhat fictionalized office shenanigans of the Worldbuilders team.

Tak Attack

With so much temptation, we're surprised sudden games of Tak aren't breaking out all over the office...

Shoulder Surgery

Jenny knew this was going to happen, which is why she just lived with the pain for so long--just so we wouldn't fuss about her. She should just let us fuss. We enjoy it.

Office Policy

We are very defensive of our health. There's just too much to do around here.

Mindy’s Lunch

We have theories about Mindy's clumsiness. We think it's part of her master plan to be un-make-fun-able.

Video Skillz

We're pretty sure this is how Brett spends at least 87% of his time.


This. This is what we have to deal with. It's like Maria loves her baby or something.