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The somewhat fictionalized office shenanigans of the Worldbuilders team.

‘Obsession’ for Gamers

So we stopped at Galaxy Comics and Games to pick up a few of the games we don’t already have for the upcoming Gen Con Worldbuilders Party. Jenny had already ordered them, Galaxy was awesome and gave us a lovely deal on the games, and all we had to do was pick them up.

Of course, once we set foot in the store, we slowed down and goggled at all the cool stuff they had (including a food window!). It was difficult for us to extract ourselves without buying more stuff. Tabletop games are a bit of a weakness around here. Luckily, Amanda wasn’t with us. You should see HER game shelves (plural).

Once the Worldbuilders Party is over, all the games will come back to the office where we’ll set up an official Worldbuilders Game Shelf for future parties and for the team to check out if they need to host a tabletop night. So if you visit, we’ll SO be ready to entertain!