The Worldbuilders Comic

The somewhat fictionalized office shenanigans of the Worldbuilders team.

Have a Chair

Rachel startles easily. The best thing is when she knows you’re there–all you have to do is make a sudden move and she jumps. We make fun of her, but honestly she’ll probably be perfectly equipped to survive the zombie apocalypse, since she’ll be halfway to safety before anything dire happens.

Luckily, Q can take care of himself. We’ve never seen someone intercept a chair so fast.

Buckle in for a couple months of weekly mystery as our two new guests team up with a couple of our previous guests to find out what went wrong with our new A/V and transporter rooms. Next week: what’s Q’s connection to Worldbuilders?

Oh, if you were trying to read it, here’s what Q’s t-shirt looks like…

Speed lines in panel 3 by Marie Tary. Thanks Marie!