The Worldbuilders Comic

The somewhat fictionalized office shenanigans of the Worldbuilders team.


Remember Chris? This isn’t the Chris who brought us doughnuts, but the Chris who agreed to join us to help install an AV system in our conference room! Looks like the cables are run, the network is ready, and the head-to-head between Chris and Rachel has begun! We’re not sure why he needs so many CAT-6 cables for one conference room (or why he’s capping them with RCA tips), but he’s the professional. We just work here.

This is actually a joke Chris made when he was emailing back and forth with Brett about his interests and so on. It looks like Brett decided to use Chris’s joke to avoid writing his own punchline. He will be dealt with. (We’re kidding.)

Tune in over the next couple weeks to see how Lisa is coming with the Star Trek transporter Pat wanted, and how Mary’s doing while she helps the store do some Tak fulfillment!