Worldbuilders Party, Gen Con style!

The Worldbuilders Party is a strange creature. It’s definitely a Gen Con sort of event–there are games, tables, food, that sort of thing. Like any gaming event, it runs for a few hours. But unlike most gaming events, this private party lets you get up close and personal with a wide variety of authors, artists, game designers, podcasters, voice actors, and other creators that make the stuff we love. Your ticket gets you a seat at the table of one of these fine folks for a chill evening of games, lighthearted conversation, memorable events, a silent auction, and the ability to meet even more celebrities for photo ops and hand shakes. It’s a fundraiser for a select few.

This all started when Greg Bilsland approached us and asked if we’d be okay with him raising money for Worldbuilders by hosting a gaming event with a few geek celebrities. Greg was working at Wizards of the Coast at the time, and knew a bunch of awesome game designers who would love to play games–often games they created–with some cool people. Greg organized another party at Emerald City the next year before turning over the reigns to us, and we haven’t messed with his idea. We love the idea of an intimate evening (hey now) with creative people, and everyone who joins us for each party says it’s like no other event.

This year at Gen Con, the Worldbuilders Party will be at the JW Marriott on Friday, August 3rd, from 6 – 10 p.m. We want to encourage everyone not to be shy, so we’re bringing an official backdrop for photos. Feel free to mingle a bit before the games start. Introduce yourself to your gaming table. Introduce yourself to some of the other party goers and celebrities. Say hi and grab a photo. Then THE GAMES WILL BEGIN! It’s honestly so epic we have to use all-caps. Throughout the night, we’ll have a silent auction running, there will be snacks for everyone, as well as a cash bar. Everyone will get to take home a swag bag filled with over $100 worth of cool stuff. And most of all, you’ll have the chance to be there when stuff like this happens:

We will be joined by Bradley P. Beaulieu, Anne Bishop, Jason Bulmahn, Daniel Abraham, Maxell Alexander Drake, Steve Drew, Tom Dyke, James Ernest, Matt Forbeck, Ty Franck, Trin Garritano, Richard Kadrey, James Lowder, Travis McElroy, Susan Morris, Cat Rambo, Howard & Sandra Tayler, Mike Turian, Dan Wells, and Jim Zub.

Head over to for tickets, and get ready for a memorable evening of literal fun and games!