Time for the 2017 Reddit r/fantasy Ask YOU Anything!

These days there’s a good opportunity to give authors and other creators a shout-out and get their opinions on stuff. You can tweet at them, follow their Instagrammitude and Facebookery, and say hi to them at conventions. But they never get the chance to find out what you think about pressing issues.

For instance, Tom Doyle wanted to know your feelings on the purpose of fantasy beyond pure entertainment. LJ Cohen is interested in which tropes you’d like to see refreshed or turned on their heads. Elizabeth Bear would like to find out which fantasy/science fiction critter you’d like to have as a pet? Or maybe as a roommate? There are so many cool questions already, and this is just day one!

Head over to today’s AYA Page and have a look. Sound off on anything you feel strongly about, and if you’d rather lurk, there are already some amazing and thoughtful answers to both the serious and not-as-serious questions. We’ll try to chime in here and there, but hey–this is YOUR thread to sound off!

The lovely folks at r/fantasy even have a Team Page! All the information is on the r/Fantasy thread, but they are offering some exclusive lottery items to folks who donate through their page. Seriously, take a look at the page. Their compliments alone are worth it.

And be sure to check in the rest of the week as more creators ask more questions! There will be a new thread every day at r/fantasy where you can find a new round of brain-ticklers from wonderful folks who want to hear from you. We’ll be on Twitter and Facebook to let you know where to find each day’s questions! Thanks so much to Steve and the rest of the mods for organizing everything.

Please do have all the fun!!