DAW Books: exclusive Sci-Fi/Fantasy Publisher

DAW Books was the very first publishing company dedicated to publishing only science fiction and fantasy, and they’ve spent the last handful of decades helping to turn the genre into something wonderful and well-respected. We don’t think it’s much of an exaggeration to say that the landscape of sci-fi and fantasy would look completely different (and so much less interesting) without DAW’s hand.

As they do every year, DAW sent us boxes and boxes of books – 21 boxes, to be exact! That’s 425 prizes for the lottery – some standalone books, some series-starters, and a few complete series to really get your fix. There’s honestly too many books to talk about here (what? Are we really saying that?!), so you can see everything DAW sent over on their page in the Lottery Library, or you can zoom in on the photo below to try to read every title.

We want to highlight a few of the coolest things, because we can’t not gush about books when given the chance–and when it comes to DAW’s books, it’s practically a guarantee they’re worth talking about.

The Witchwood Crown by Tad Williams

A brand new series kicks off in Tad Williams’s eagerly-awaited return to Osten Ard. Fans of the original Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn series are sure to love this, but it also serves as a great introduction for new readers to one of the best worlds in epic fantasy. We have 40 copies up for grabs in the lottery, so every $10 donation gets you that much closer to this excellent book.

Terminal Alliance by Jim C. Hines

Jim has been with Worldbuilders for years now, and we’re always excited to see which of his books DAW sends. This year, we’re so excited to see Jim’s first sci-fi novel, the start of a new series called Janitors of the Post-Apocalypse–which might just be the best sci-fi concept we’ve heard in a long time.

We also have some copies of Libriomancer, the first book in the office-favorite series that revolves around magic from books, masterfully combining two of our favorite things.

There are some omnibuses (omnibi?) featuring complete series that you can see in the Lottery Library, but there are some multi-book series here that made us drool a whole lot. Not on the books, we promise.

The complete Eric Carter Series by Stephen Blackmoore

You really don’t see enough necromancy in urban fantasy, but don’t worry–the Eric Carter series has it covered! The series has a much darker, noir take on urban fantasy, and is just the sort of entertaining read we can really get behind. Remember, all it takes to win your soon-to-be-new-favorite series is a $10 donation over on our fundraising page.

The complete October Daye series by Seanan McGuire

This is a bundle of eleven books. That’s almost more books than Jenny can hold at one time! Even better, we have five of these sets to give away, meaning five lucky people will get a series to keep them occupied for the next few months, at least. This series bundle contains all the current books of the October (Toby) Daye series, including the newest one, The Brightest Fell, which just came out in September.

The complete Green Rider series by Kristen Britain

There aren’t as many books in this series, but they still come pretty close to filling Jenny’s arms (isn’t that how everyone measures books?), because this series is full of the kind of thick-spined books that are so satisfying to crack. The Green Rider series has six books, including an ARC of Firebrand, the most recent in the series. This is a bundle perfect for any book-lover’s shelf, and will make your To-Be-Read pile easy to manage for a while.

For those of you not wanting to take a chance on winning some DAW books, or for any collectors out there, we’ve got something special for you…

One of Everything Published by DAW in 2017

DAW once again sent us one copy of every book they’ve published this year, and we put this epic bundle of sci-fi and fantasy into an auction. In this bundle you’ll see some new books from debut authors, or new books from beloved authors. New paperbacks of books that were previously in hardcover. New editions of well-known books–like the 10th Anniversary edition of The Name of the Wind (which, psst, you can get signed in The Tinkers’ Packs). No matter which way you slice it, this is something truly awesome for book-lovers, and if you want to make it yours, you can bid on it here.

And there are so, so many more books from DAW. Every year we say they outdid themselves and can’t possibly get any better…and yet every year, they keep sending us more and more wonderful books. Thanks for keeping our addiction alive, DAW!