Salt Lake to New York, with a 10th Anniversary Stop

Salt Lake Comic Con!

It was our first time at the Salt Lake Comic Con, and we were blown away by the awesome folks who stopped at our booth to chat, play some Tak, or hug a Draccus! We had a bunch of stuff from The Tinker’s Packs for sale, as well as a couple Tak demo boards running where folks could learn about a Beautiful Game and play it for themselves! We got to hang out with our friends at Badali Jewelry, who not only babysat our shipment of merchandise, but took us out for delicious breakfast at Sill’s!

Amanda and Rachel were busy demoing Tak most of the weekend.

On Friday, our Worldbuilders Party ran from 4 – 8 p.m., and we were joined by a bunch of Worldbuilders supporters and some awesome celebrities for an evening of games, snacks, swag bags, and conversation. Wizards of the Coast even sent an early copy of some brand new Magic: The Gathering cards for Brandon Sanderson’s table! We ran a silent auction with some really cool stuff (a few pieces of original art & signed stuff from J.K. Woodward & Th3rd World Studios, a unique pendant from Badali Jewelry, a whole box of games from IDW Games, and more), and we had a games library where folks could switch out the games they were playing to try something new.

It looked like everyone had fun, but that feeling was confirmed when one of our guests on his way out the door declared, “This was the best night of my life, except for the birth of my child–and I don’t have kids!”

The rest of the con was a whirlwind of Tak, Draccus plushies, astonishing cosplay, and geeking out about Kingkiller lore with fans. Pat wasn’t able to attend, but some fans made a huge card for folks to sign. And SO MANY people signed it! Thank you everyone who stopped to chat, sign Pat’s card, and watch Amanda hug her Draccus.

She was never without.

Next week we’ll be at the New York Comic Con!

That’s right, we’re not ready to stop yet! Next Thursday-Sunday (that’s October 5-8), we’ll be at Booth #1367 at the New York Comic Con! Feel free to visit us, check out the cool merchandise, and enjoy a game of Tak! Then, on Friday from 2 – 6 p.m., we’ll be on hand at the last Worldbuilders Party of the season!

The New York Worldbuilders Party will feature new celebrity guests and a few new games, and of course we’ll have a silent auction, snacks, and a chance for some quality time with our favorite creators and geek celebrities. Take a look at the Worldbuilders Party website to see who will be there, and feel free to grab some tickets. Fun fact–you can get tickets to the Worldbuilders Party without tickets to the con, so if you just want to join us for fun and games, all you need are the party tickets. Con attendance is not required, though we know you’ll have fun there, too.

10th Anniversary Name of the Wind

Between now and New York, we’re busy trying to keep up with Pat! He’s been swinging by the office the past few days to sign over 2,800 preorders for the Name of the Wind 10th Anniversary Edition, and it’s all we can do to keep the books coming so he can keep signing.

We also had the help of Sarah and the boys.

As Pat signs the books, we package them up and get them ready to ship out. Our main shipping push will be on Monday, so the first folks who receive their books will have them on release day (that’s probably folks in Wisconsin). We will continue sending them out as fast as Pat can sign them, and we plan to have everything shipped by the end of Tuesday.

Pat will be traveling a bit in the next couple weeks to support the 10th Anniversary, so check his schedule to see if he’ll be in your neighborhood!