Why Hello There, Salt Lake Comic Con!

Yesterday we made the flight to Utah for the Salt Lake Comic Con! We have a massive table there, which means we also have space for a Tak demo. By all means stop by and play a game!

We also happen to be back-to-back with Badali Jewelry, so we expect much random shouting through the thin little curtain that divides us. This is Badali’s home turf, so we got to have lunch with them yesterday and get a tour of their facility (sorry, no photos of the top-secret goings on). We think we might be able to say they have some exciting new jewelry on the horizon. They also we very cool and let us ship a bunch of merchandise to their shop so we could stock our huge booth (thanks!!).

As of today, our beautiful booth (#621, thanks for asking!) is set up and we and Badali Jewelry (booth #720) are ready for some CON!

Behold all its majesty!

We’ll be selling officially licensed Kingkiller and Dresden Files t-shirts, Pat’s books, some Iron Druid merchandise, and more Tak than you can shake a stick at! And remember, we also have a Tak demo running, so come on down and play. We’ll be happy to go over the rules and play a few games with you, but the best part is meeting other Tak enthusiasts and playing a beautiful game with your new friends.

Tomorrow is the Worldbuilders Party from 4 – 8 p.m., and there are a few tickets still available! We always get glowing feedback from creators and guests alike, so we’re confident it’ll be a great time. Playing games is fun anyway, so why not raise some money for charity at the same time?

Bonus: Brandon Sanderson kicking your butt at Magic: the Gathering!

If you’re here for the con, don’t be a stranger. Come for the geeky merchandise, stay because we stapled your sleeve to the table! Just kidding, they wouldn’t let us on the plane with a stapler, so we’ll use tape. See you soon!