Are you ready for GenCon 2016?

This time next week, we’ll be at Gen Con! Stop by and say hi!


We’ll have a couple places you can track us down: our expo hall booth is #267, and we’ll have a table outside the Writer’s Symposium.

The booth is where you can talk to us, buy some of the books and swag we sell in the Tinker’s Packs, and meet a few of our favorite geeky musicians throughout the weekend who were gracious enough to set aside some time to visit and sign stuff. More folks might join up at the last minute, but currently we’ve got Mikey MasonMegathrusterSarah Donner, and The Doubleclicks scheduled, so it’s going to be awesome.

We’re right on a corner, so we should be easy to spot in a crowd.

There we are! And our friends at Badali Jewelry, too!

We’ll have merchandise for sale like our favorite not-for-kids kids’ book The Adventures of the Princess and Mr. Whiffle, cool games like Pairs and Get Lucky, the limited edition Draccus monster for King of Tokyo, necklaces featuring the art from The Slow Regard of Silent Things, and a lot more, including the very last of the stuffed Owlbears. Seriously, we’re taking every owlbear we have to Gen Con, so if you want one it’s your last chance!

The Writer’s Symposium has moved this year, because they outgrew their last location. We’ll have an informational table at their new location, across the street from the convention center in the Westin Hotel. They’ll have directional signs to get you to the Symposium.

The hotel is here, and it’s an interractive map for you to see the whole area, including the gigantic convention center just south of the hotel.

The Symposium table is where you’ll be able to talk a little more at length about who we are, what we do, and what we might be planning for future fundraisers.

What’s Pat doing while he’s there?

Good question! We don’t know when this post turned into an FAQ, but we’ll roll with it. Pat will be in and out at the expo hall booth, but if you want to find out what sort of appearances he’s got, his full schedule is available on his blog and in his Facebook event.

What else is going on?

Plenty! Apart from the normal Gen Con craziness, the Concert Against Humanity is making a return. Last year’s show made us laugh so much our faces hurt the next day. Just like last year, they’re handing out swag bags to concert-goers, and also like last year, we’ve got a cool thing squirrelled away inside it with all the rest of the awesome stuff. Like you needed any more reasons to go besides the phrase “Concert Against Humanity.”

We’re still getting our ducks in a row on some other stuff, but we’ll have everything posted at our booth. Swing by, introduce yourself, and find out how much sleep we’ve managed to get.

See you there!