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Tables and Teams

Wyrmwood Gaming Supplies has donated one of the (physically) biggest single lottery prizes we've ever received, and we have a couple new Team Pages you might be interested in...

Awesome Authors…Part 2

An amazing assortment of authors turn out every year to donate books to our fundraiser. It turns out fantasy & science-fiction authors are a really nice bunch of folks. Who knew? (hint: we did) Join us as we take a look at a few more storytellers who shared their stories with us this year!

More games…and a Starcraft Tournament!!

Have we told you about Monte Cook Games and Mayfair Games? Well we will now! How about StarCraft? You may have heard of it. StarCraft is still amazing enough to get a bunch of awesome people to sign up for a tournament for your enjoyment--including Pat & Max Temkin, The Doubleclicks, Acquisitions Inc., Cards Against Humanity, and more!

It’s Giving Tuesday. How about a story?

On this Giving Tuesday, we want to talk about some of the families who have benefited from Heifer International's programs abroad. Your donation does so much more than buy a goat or seedlings. It provides people a means to improve their own lives.

Time for the 2017 Reddit r/fantasy Ask YOU Anything!

All week long, Reddit r/fantasy is hosting an Ask YOU Anything! Hop on over and answer questions from a bunch of our favorite authors, artists, game designers, and other industry peeps. They want to hear your opinion on All The Things.

DAW Books: exclusive Sci-Fi/Fantasy Publisher

DAW has been around since 1971. They were the first publisher devoted entirely to fantasy and science fiction, and they've spent the last few decades elevating the genre to one we all love.

Brighten up Black Friday with 10% off…

SALE! Yes, the fundraiser is on, but we also realize you might have some holiday shopping to do. So just in case you need to find something geeky for that someone geeky in your life--even if they're you--everything at The Tinker's Packs is 10% off through Monday. No codes. No coupons. Just 10% off everything.