Lottery Prizes

Hello Friends,

It’s Zay here.

I know we don’t usually announce when the lottery has been drawn; we love the excitement of prizes showing up on your doorstep! However, this year is a little different. As we’ve mentioned before, Worldbuilders went through a transition period – this contributed to the lottery prize draw happening later than it typically does. We were very excited to start shipping, but as we are all aware, COVID-19 appeared, and our organization was not immune. We prioritized the safety of our team and community which meant reevaluating the way we interacted with our facility, as well as taking care of those in quarantine the best we could.

Now that new guidelines are in place, our team is safe, and we can be sure to follow state protocols… we are starting to ship prizes! We hope for your health and happiness during this time, and sincerely thank our friends of Worldbuilders. Whether you donate, buy from our market, or use third parties to contribute , know that you are a part of Geeks Doing Good.

– Best, Zay