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So much Tinkers Packs!

Our new version of The Tinker's Packs (v2.0?) has been busy since opening up last Thursday. We have so far received over 400 orders, and Adam and Nicole are rocking it so far.

New storefront!

As a few of you may have noticed, The Tinker's Packs got a facelift! Head over there and take a look! It's been a few months coming, since what you see is, as always, the tip of the ice berg.

Calendars, volunteers, and Vegemite

It's been a busy couple of weeks here at Worldbuilders Central, but then that seems to be the norm. We'll be wrapping up IndieGoGo fulfillment this week, now that the Karen Hallion Calendars are back from the printer.

IndieGoGo Perks Update!

We don't have the graphic done, and at the rate things are going, we might not have time!

And now the work starts!

You guys! We can't even. We figured if we were lucky, our IndieGoGo campaign might--might--reach $50,000. If we were lucky.