Inventory time!

We can’t talk very long, there’s stuff to count! These days we have a warehouse, and every year we add more and more stuff to The Tinker’s Packs because everyone needs cool geeky stuff, right?

The Tinker’s Packs is our online store, where you can pick up officially licensed merchandise for the Kingkiller Chronicle as well as plenty of other cool series (like Bitch Planet, Rat Queens, the Iron Druid Chronicles, the Dresden Files, and Sex Criminals) and authors & creators (like Holly Black, Myke Cole, Karen Hallion, Sam Sykes, and so many more). Everything you buy there helps us with the real-world expenses of running a charity and lets us keep a cash reserve for flash donations to disaster relief, like Puerto Rico (which¬†still needs help if you have some spare money).

Donating money is the fun part. Counting t-shirts isn’t quite as exciting, but needs to be done. It used to take a few days, but we’re hoping we have it down to such a pointed science that we can get everything counted to the piece by the end of today–that’s eight hours, not counting lunch. So it’s all hands on deck to help Mike and Anne double-check all the items we have for sale.

We have a lot of stuff to count.

We guess it makes sense to do our spring cleaning in the winter, since our springtime will be spent organizing and planning our summer fundraiser. It’s just as John Heywood once wrote…. Whoops, sorry. Anne is giving us “that face” so we better get back to inventory.