Play games with geek celebrities…for charity!

What is the Worldbuilders Party? Well…it’s a few hours of laid back gaming fun in the middle of a hectic convention. It’s an opportunity for people to buy tickets to join geek celebrities for games–not just watching them, but playing games with them and other supporters. There are snacks. There’s a silent auction for cool, rare, and autographed stuff. There’s a game table loaded with a bunch of our favorite tabletop games for you to try out. But most importantly, there’s lots of chatting in a relaxed environment where everyone has the opportunity to enjoy some quality time with the people who create the geeky stuff we love.

Like this!

On top of that, all the money we raise helps support our fundraising efforts for awesome charities like Heifer International and Mercy Corps.

Our first Worldbuilders Party happened two years ago at Emerald City Comic Con, when Greg Bilsland from (at the time) Wizards of the Coast approached us independently and asked if he could raise money for Worldbuilders by organizing a gaming party where ticket holders would play games with geek celebrities, like authors, artists, YouTube stars, podcasters, and game designers. We thought it sounded amazing, so we said sure!

Greg and his assistant Elyssa worked during their free time and got together a great bunch of creators who all chose some fun tabletop games, and the party did amazingly well. More importantly, we got feedback from the folks who attended saying they had an amazing time and wanted to do it again.

And folks like James Ernest (left) literally bring their own games!

This year starts our third year of Worldbuilders Parties. Greg has since moved on to amazing new projects, but he handed the reins to us last year, and Jenny has been tackling the staggering job of organizing parties at cons all over the country. So far on our 2018 schedule, we’ll be at Emerald City Comic Con and Gen Con, and there will be parties at both cons!

For all the information about which celebrities will be joining us, where the party will take place, and where to score tickets, we’ve set up a Worldbuilders Party website. It will be updated before each con with the celebrity list and tickets, so right now it focuses on Emerald City. This summer we’ll update it to reflect the Gen Con party. That way you just have to bookmark one site.

If you’re going to be at Emerald City or Gen Con, and you’d like to take a break from the craziness for a few hours by chatting with various industry creators over games and snacks, we’d love to see you at the Worldbuilders Party!