International Tabletop Day…literally winning games!

We got an email from Lay Waste Games, the wonderful folks behind office favorite Dragoon. They asked if we would be okay with them raising money for Worldbuilders during their Tabletop Day Triathlon event. We said that would be super cool of them and we would love it and also not to get all weird but we’re big fans of their game (and then there was some fansqueeing). Then we got a followup email from them asking if we’d mind if they did something a little more expansive with their fundraiser. Like maybe a small, Worldbuilders-style lottery of tabletop games.

And we were all like…


So of course we wanted to help! Lay Waste got a bunch of game donations, and we set up a donation page with their lovely graphics, and suddenly there was a fundraiser!

Through the end of April, every $10 you donate at our fundraiser page will get you one chance to win a game. Right now, there’s a whole list of cool games, game bundles, and gaming gear up for grabs, and even more game companies have approached us to donate–the list will be updated as things develop, but right now, here’s where we stand:

All these games were donated by a dream list of designers and developers: *deep breath* 9th Level, Andy Hunt Designs, Atlas Games, Breaking Games, Cyanide and Happiness, Exploding Kittens, Goat Wolf & Cabbage, Greater Than Games, Homestar Runner, iEllo, Jason Anarchy Games, Jordan Draper, Lay Waste Games, Leder Games, Loneshark Games, Mayfair Games, Monikers, Restoration Games, Sensible Object, Twogether Studios, Wild Power Games, Wyrmwood Gaming Supplies, Cards Against Humanity

Cheapass Games¬†and Educational Insights just joined us, so we haven’t even had time to update the graphic! Please check out these wonderful people. They’re responsible for a lot of the games (and educational activities) that we obsess about around here, and they are fantastic to work with.

This fundraiser runs through the end of the month, and if you’re in the Brookline, Massachusetts area and want to win games in glorious head-to-head tabletop battle, check out Lay Waste’s Tabletop Triathlon this Saturday, April 28th (hey, that’s International Tabletop Day!) where contestants square off for the spoils! If you’re just in it to play games and don’t feel like squashing the competition, they’ll have a bunch of games on hand. The $10 cover charge gets you in to play as many games as you want!

Not everyone can make it to Lay Waste’s in-person triathlon (including us…sigh), which is why we have the online raffle! There’s just too many cool games to share! Big thanks to everyone at Lay Waste Games for organizing two super-fun events, and thank you to everyone who donated to our International Tabletop Day fundraiser. You are wonderful people with exceptional taste in games!