Geek shopping made better!

A lot of you may already know that The Tinker’s Packs is the place to get official Kingkiller merchandisesigned books, and foreign-language editions of any books we can get our hands on. But over the years, we’ve been joined by a bunch of other creators and we’ve started carrying games and other cool stuff! So now that we carry so many brands, we figured it might be time for a change….

First step: Rearrange the entire store. We’ve re-vamped the website a few times over the years, and we’re always streamlining how we store merchandise and ship orders, but this time around, we’re re-inventing our logistical process from the ground up. We’re making more efficient use of the (amazing) space we have in our new office, and we’re doing some behind-the-scenes system upgrades. You won’t see them on our website, but they’ll make us way more efficient!

We even have a gravity conveyor. This is truly the Big Time.

Second step: Tweak our name just a little. This is one change you will see, but only if you’re looking for it. Since we now carry merchandise from Kevin Hearne, Myke Cole, Bitch Planet, Sex Criminals, Rat Queens, Sam Sykes, Holly Black, Jim Butcher, and more, we decided to tweak the store name to better reflect all the new worlds our merchandise will represent. In the near future, you’ll see The Tinker’s Packs become the Worldbuilders Market, which we hope is a bit more inclusive of all the brands we’ll be carrying.

Third step: Non-profit! That’s right, all purchases will still support Worldbuilders. Our online store started as a way to sell Kingkiller merchandise with all the proceeds donated to Worldbuilders. Now that we have more creators joining us, we’ve seen more and more people shopping at our store and we’re so happy you’ve chosen to support us. The store helps us keep the lights on around here, and the money we make goes into a general fund that allows us to donate money outside our normal fundraisers to amazing organizations that do amazing work to help bring people out of poverty, like First Book, Mercy Corps, and of course, Heifer International.

Once we make the complete transition from The Tinker’s Packs to Worldbuilders Market…well, we’ll still offer awesome products and top-tier customer service, just with a new name. We hope you’re as excited about our new brand as we are. Thank you to everyone who’s supported us by joining us for our fundraisers, visiting us at cons, and of course, shopping at The Tinker’s Packs…er, we mean Worldbuilders Market!