Geeks Doing Good 2019…update!

We debut new items in the Worldbuilders Market here and there throughout the year as our creators come to us with cool ideas, random licenses are cleared, and so on. But years ago we figured out that springtime seems to be when we get the most product-related movement, so we plan the Geeks Doing Good store event for June. That’s just how the calendar seems to fall, and this year was no exception. There was a lot of excitement from the creators we reached out to, and we were able to get a lot of cool stuff going.

The biggest item was phone cases! All of us here at Worldbuilders are pretty phone-case-obsessive. Rachel and Mike favor the Otterbox, since they drop their phones. A lot. Maria too, since she works on a farm. Jenny is more careful with her phone, so she has a colorful case that features a drawing of her daughter holding a potato (because Jenny). Anne has a wallet case because she tends not to carry a purse. Brett is a hipster, so he has a weird special hipster case that we don’t understand, but it makes him happy.

The first round of prototypes look awesome!

This year, we got the go-ahead from The Adventure Zone to produce a limited-run Bureau of Balance phone case, so of course we wanted to make them as pretty as possible. These phone cases were exclusive to Geeks Doing Good 2019 which means now they’re gone forever, so we hope everyone who needed one managed to get their hands on one! We also got an enthusiastic response from Jim Butcher and his staff, as well as the amazing artist Mika Kuloda, whose Dresden art graces a new round of prints and phone cases.

Anyway, we know you’re probably here to see where we are in the manufacturing process on all the pre-orders, so here we go!


Eolian Bar: On order!
Fulcrum (the Brazen Gear): On order!
McAnally’s Pub: On order!
Polka Will Never Die: On order!
I’m a Worldbuilder: On order!


Rat Queens Sticker Sheet: On order!
Mr. Whiffle Expressions Sheet: On order!
Dresden Files Stickers: On order!
All other stickers and clings are in!

The stickers are looking good–we really like the satin finish!


Iron Druid Chronicles Writing Gloves: On order–awaiting prototype!
“Hydrate and Read” t-shirt: Final art approved & on order!

Heifer International Plushies: On order!

Phone Cases

All phone cases are on order!

Gaming Supplies

Collapsible Dice Boxes: First round in production (all hand-made!), the rest are on order!
Health & Spell Trackers: First round in production (all hand-made!), the rest are on order!


Coffee Critter Hug Mug: Prototype received, final order will be placed Monday!
Coffee Critter Triptych Mug: Prototype received, final order will be placed Monday!
Princess & Mr. Whiffle Mug: Awaiting prototype.
WanderLost Silicone Pint: Awaiting prototype.
Third Eye Coasters: On order!
D20 Coasters: On order!

They go so well with our Amazing Coffee Pot.


All prints are in stock!

If you’d like to take a look at all the new stuff we debuted during Geeks Doing Good, we have everything listed in our Geeks Doing Good collection!

We will of course post all over social media when things arrive, so be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all the juicy details! Huge thanks to all our creators who were really engaged and offered a lot of great suggestions and ideas for products, and even huge-r (?) thanks to everyone who joined us for a roller-coaster week of new products, flash sales, and fun. You are awesome!