2020 End-Of-Year Fundraiser Dates Announced!

Mark your calendars, because we’ve announced the dates of our End-Of-Year Fundraiser!

Everything will kick off on Giving Tuesday – December 1st – and last for 15 days (until December 15th).

If you’ve been around Worldbuilders for a while, you know that every year at the end of the year we run a fundraiser to help raise funds and awareness for Heifer International. We’ve raised upwards of a million dollars in one fundraiser, and over $10 million dollars since 2008. We also accompany the fundraiser with a prize drawing where you can win super cool prizes just by donating.

Along with cool prizes, we do lots of live streaming to raise awareness as well as participate in Acts Of Whimsy when we reach donation stretch goals (such as $25k, $50k, $100k, and so on).


We’ve done a Book 3 Q&A stream:

…as well as the ever-popular Mental Health Stream:

We’ve also done some absolutely ridiculous stunts and antics, like the time Hank Green seduced a tree:

Or this time we convinced Pat it would be a good idea to learn how to eat fire (you know, for charity!):

Or that time we got Kevin Hearne to do the Thriller dance for us:

Or the time we traumatized Pat’s youngest, Cutie, by introducing him to Cinder (disclaimer: no children were actually traumatized in the making of this video):


This is just a tip of the shenanigan ice-burg. To see more, check out Pat’s blog here and our YouTube channel here. If you have the time, please go down that rabbit hole – it’s full of some much-needed lightheartedness that I’m sure you could use right now.


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