2017 End-of-Year Fundraiser wrap-up!

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us for our End-of-Year Fundraiser for Heifer International! Together we raised $1,225,357 to help people around the world pull themselves out of poverty, and we want you to be as proud as we are!

It’s been a month of craziness, and we’ve been talking a lot about all the amazing stuff Heifer does, all the cool teams who joined us this year, and how awesome you are. We think at this point, though, just sit back with some hot cocoa, click a few links, and watch some videos!

Myke Cole got the chance for payback this year when he shaved Peter V. Brett’s head…for charity! Watch the carnage, if you dare….

Strong Bad made good on his offer to teach everyone how to draw a Draccus with their very own Skills of an Artist:

Pat’s assistant Amanda got to live out her lifelong dream of smacking him in the face with a pie. We can’t embed it, but you can watch the Twitch clip here or by clicking the delightful image.

Charlotte’s elementary school film club posted four episodes of Kids Vs. Aliens! Here’s the first episode:

…and finally, Heifer International had something they wanted us to share with everyone who joined us this year to donate, make videos, watch StarCraft, and spread the word far and wide about how cool it is to help other people…

Thank you, everyone, for our ninth amazing fundraiser!