Geeks Doing Good

stretch  goals

Here we have the backlog of awesome stretch goals from each year. Click around to watch the videos, read the stories, and enjoy all of the coolness we unlocked while making the world a better place through Heifer International.

Pat launches a new website!

Heifer International presents Live Animal Cosplay

Happy Dances! The Worldbuilders Team

Seth Fishman Hosts "How to Get an Agent

Shawn Speakman reads Name of the Wind in Gollum's Voice

Myke Cole and Robert Jackson Bennett Cluck Carols

Sherwood Smith hosts an Online Workshop

Pat Rothfuss pronounces Kingkiller Names

Neil Gaiman Reads Our Favorite Book

Paul and Storm Sing to Pat

Anton Strout's D&D Character Meet's Pat's

Sam & Delilah Genderswap Fanfic

William Alexander's Kermit Shakespeare

Pat Writes a Rat Queens Story

Oot Explains Advanced Chess

Pat Rothfuss does a Q&A on Book 3

NerdCon: Stories Edition of Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss

Cutie meets Cinder

Nike Harper Tarot Reads for Goats

Authors Read One-Star Reviews: 2015!

Worldbuilders Edition of Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss

William Alexander & Grover Perform Shakespeare

Pat Reads Night Vale/Lake Wobegon Fanfic

Hank Green's Hanksock Performs a Dark, One-Sock Show

Sam Sykes & Myke Cole Do Clueless Sports Announcing

Authors Edition Pt. 1 Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss

John Green Gargles the First Sentence...

Wesley Chu & Robert Bennett Read Drunken Erotic Fiction

Karen Hallion Draws Pat as the Doctor

Authors Edition Pt. 2 Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss

Neil Gaiman Sings "Gorn Dahn the Plug'ole"

Mary Robinette Kowal Creates Shadow Puppets

Peter Orullian Sings "Bohemian Rhapsody"

Heifer International Creates Epic Hero Short Film

Mary Robinette Kowal Tackles Fox in Socks... solo

Django Wexler Paints Random Miniatures

Worldbuilders Team Plays a Game of Secret Hitler

Cutie Helps Pat Read Boynton's "Moo, Baa..."

Authors Edition Pt. 3 Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss

Pat, Wil, and the Guys Play Drunkens & Dragons

Max Temkin Cleans Pat's Office

Amanda Does a Bread Face Video

Cards Against Humanity Does a Bread Face Video

Pat Rothfuss and Paul & Storm Assemble Tunes from Temerant

Nika Harper Reads Dinosaur Limericks

Molly Lewis Sings "Pumpkin Spice Lament"

Pat Rothfuss Performs Tom Bombadil

Seth Fishman Query & Cover Hangout

Myke Cole Reviews "Hedging His Bets"

Vi Hart Performs "The Lay of Felurian"

Heifer International Does a Puppet Show

James Ernest Pulls His Signature Move

Nate Taylor & Pat Rothfuss Discuss the Art for Slow Regard

Mikey Neumann Writes & Reads a Short Story

Christopher Paolini Reads from The Eye of Argon

The Doubleclicks Play "Love You Like a Burrito"

Cards Against Humanity Day of Games Livestream

John Green Eats a Heifer Inspired Meal

Marian Call Sings Fer Favorite Soup Recipe

Fantasy Authors Read 1-Star Book Reviews

Worldbuilders Team Livestreams One Work Day

Strong Bad Shares Another Kids' Book

More Fantasy Authors Read 1-Star Reivews

Kevin Hearne Does the Thriller Dance

Hank Green Angry Acoustic "Shake It Off"

Neil Gaiman Reads Your Favorite Book

Even More Authors Read 1-Star Reviews

Pat Rothfuss Smooches a Heifer Animal

Amber Benson Sings Joni Mitchell

Even Still More Authors Read 1-Star Reviews

Oot Rothfuss Sings "I, Don Quixote"

Peter Orullian Sings Kansas

Peter V. Brett Shaves Myke Coles's Head

Paul and Storm Mock Pat in Song

Jim C. Hines Special New Pose

Brandon Sanderson Writing Live Stream

The Doubleclicks Meownlight Sonata

Mary Robinette Kowal Writes Erotic Kvothe

Vi Hart Puts Music to Pat's Poem

Team Unicorn Pie Each Other in the Face

Pat Rothfuss "A Wizard's Staff" Lyrics

Peter Orullian Full Metal Worldbuilders

Trey Ratcliff Ill-Advised Selfie

Scott Lynch & Elizabeth Bear Drunk "Hobbit 2" Movie Review

John Scalzi Performs on His Guitar

Hank Green Seduces a Tree

Pat Rothfuss & Mary Kowal Perform "The Wind Comes"

"The Guild" Cast Members Capri Sun Handstand

Bradley P. Beaulieu Reads in the Snow

Molly Lewis Performs "Hobbit" Song

Pat Rothfuss & Amber Benson Write Naughty Stories

Neil Gaiman Reads "Green Eggs and Ham"

John Kovalic Brings Pat into "Dork Tower"

Brian Brushwood Teaches Pat to Breathe Fire

Nate Taylor "Four Corners" Map Updated

Pat Rothfuss Watches "Hobbit" Livestream

Pat & Brett Revamp College Survival Guide

Pat & Amber Write Naughty Fiction

Pat Rothfuss Attempts a Night Vale Style Podcast