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The somewhat fictionalized office shenanigans of the Worldbuilders team.

Trivia People

Stevens Point hosts theĀ world’s largest trivia contest, and things get a little out of hand. The contest is 54 non-stop hours of questions about obscure stuff normal people just shouldn’t know. There’s a parade. A few hundred teams of anywhere from one to 50+ people register to play from around the globe, and spend all weekend calling the radio station’s temporary call center to give 8 answers per hour. This contest is responsible for crashing more than one website.

Mary and Brett have been playing for years (this is year 48). Mary actually volunteers to help organize the Trivia contest. We’re not sure how many people are on her team, but they usually do really well. Brett’s team is seven people in a living room, so they were pretty happy with their final score. Pat’s team came in 35th place this year, and it sounds like they were happy as well.

Brett says he had a lot of fun, but he’s kind of happy to be back to work where things operate at a slower pace.