The Worldbuilders Comic

The somewhat fictionalized office shenanigans of the Worldbuilders team.


Toward the beginning of our 2014 Fundraiser, one of our volunteers, Tracy, sent a few mysterious boxes to Worldbuilders HQ. She wasn’t able to be here to volunteer, but wanted to say Merry Christmas. We were a little puzzled, but delighted to find that her shipment contained Weapons of Very Little Destruction. We already had a few Nerf guns in the office, but Tracy made sure our balance of power evened out a little (Kat had been hoarding the good stuff for a while). Of course, when we did our live stream, a few altercations broke out.

At this point, everybody has at least one Nerf weapon at the ready, and if someone is having a particularly bad day, they usually get attacked. It’s our little way of telling each other that life’s not so bad.

This comic features the most Worldbuilders folks in one strip so far: Adam, Nicole, Amanda, Rachel, Jessie, Brett, Maria, the Morlock (he’s honorary), Kat, and the woman who started the war, Tracy.

Thaaaanks Traaacyyyyy!!!