The Worldbuilders Comic

The somewhat fictionalized office shenanigans of the Worldbuilders team.

Adam is funny.

Even though¬†Brett’s back from vacation,¬†it looks like his head isn’t back in the game yet. We’ll forgive him. The biggest souvenir he brought back was a cold.

Amanda might seem less than receptive, but really, she’s usually the one who has to be the adult around here. If something isn’t working, it’s up to her or Maria to stop the rest of us and get us back on track. She doesn’t like being the bad guy, but if someone’s going to call out Brett on his shenanigans, it’s going to be her. Or Maria, but Maria usually just gives him that angry librarian look.

And with Brett back, Adam’s gone for a week because he got married or something like that. (Hi Adam!) So while he keeps his former pre-wife laughing during their time off, Brett will have to take over the comic from him. Sorry.

But it was a great wedding, and we managed to collect most of the Worldbuilders team for a photo:

Later, someone decided that we needed to do a team shot. As we milled around the bar, trying to decide what to drink, Pat finally worked it out and said, “Oh! You didn’t mean another photo!” Sometimes he’s adorable.