Welcome to the 2018 Fundraiser!

How it works…

Welcome to the 2018 Worldbuilders Fundraiser. This year marks our 10th Anniversary, and we’re so excited to celebrate ten amazing years of helping to build a better world!

Since 2008, Worldbuilders has raised over $8.5 million for Heifer International and other humanitarian efforts. Again and again, we’re blown away by the goodness of our people.

This year, to kick off the fundraiser, we have $100,000 in matching funds. This means every dollar you donate will be doubled, until we hit $100,000 raised. So bee a honey and double your money!

For every $10 you donate on our fundraising page, you get one chance to win fabulous prizes like books, games, and more. If you donate $30 (enough for honeybees!), you get three chances to win. $120 (enough for a goat) gets you 12 chances. You can see all the prizes in our Lottery Library, all donated by our sponsors, awesome authors, game-designers, artists, creators, and more – and any of those prizes could be yours!

And if you’d rather not leave prizes up to chance, we have we have nearly 100 auctions live right now, full of rare, unique, and one-of-a-kind items! All the money raised from these auctions gets rolled up into the total we send to Heifer International, meaning you get to effectively pick your own prize and still help do good in the world.

Why it works…

This fundraiser is all about one of our favorite charities, Heifer International. 100% of the money we raise during the fundraiser goes right to Heifer, to help with their sustainable, poverty-fighting programs all around the world. Heifer has nearly 70 years of experience in the life-changing game, and their programs are smart, practical, and they work.

See, Heifer doesn’t just go in and give a family food for a year, because after that year, the family would still be in the same position they were before. Heifer goes in and gives a family training and knowledge and resources, and then provides them the tools to build their own success. Sometimes it’s vegetable seeds, sometimes it’s chickens or a goat, sometimes it’s the means to start a business – but no matter what, Heifer International makes sure the family is empowered to pull themselves out of poverty. Each program continues until it reaches the goals laid out early on, and most times, the participant families go on to achieve even more success after a program has finished, thanks to the skills learned from Heifer.

People like Chasha Veronica, whose one of the many runaway successes in Heifer’s long history of helping people get on their feet, stay there, and help the next person up. And it’s no secret that, here at Worldbuilders, the goat is one of our favorite Heifer gifts.

If you want to hear more stories like Chasha’s, we’ll have a daily, online magazine called the Daily Builder that will bring you stories (including original fiction!), lottery and auction highlights, and more information on Heifer’s smart, sustainable programs. Best of all, you can read the Daily Builder right in your browser or on your phone–just visit us whenever you like!

So please join us! Donate, get your name in the lottery, check out our auctions, and let’s start building a better world!