Shirts! To cover your body!

All the shirts (and hoodies) are currently in the building, and they look super sharp! We’ve been folding them like crazy with the help of our brilliant volunteers (thanks Jake, Trina, and Gavin!).


We’ve talked about these shirts since day one, so this time around, we’re going to wow you with glorious photos that were taken hastily in random areas of the office.

Parkour!! (Jenny’s desk)

Ivare Enim Euge hoodie (across from the store’s photo booth)

Rat Queens D20 (draped on the Polka tee rack)

Don’t Not Ever Stop (alarmed baby not included)

Ademic Emojis (in front of Pat’s 7-word-quoted books)

Worldbuilders (on a box of itself)

Litographs (on the store’s game shelf)

If you absolutely need these shirts, we’ll have most of them for sale at The Tinker’s Packs once perk fulfillment is done, and right now we’re still on schedule to get it all ready in time for Christmas. We say “most of them” because Ademic Emojis and Litographs were only available via the Geeks Doing Good fundraiser. You’ll still be able to buy the Litographs tee directly once Litographs has them for sale on their website, but Ademic Emojis is gone forever!

We’ll have another comprehensive update next week, but spoiler alert: almost everything is here!