Lottery Update and Timeline, and also ECCC!

First, big thanks to everyone who joined us for our 2018 Fundraiser! It was a lot of fun, and everyone was, as usual, awesome. When we started out, we didn’t expect there would be such a thing as a “Worldbuilders community,” and here you are! We’re so happy you all choose to spend a few weeks with us each year donating, spreading the word, and helping us to build a better world.

Second, lottery fulfillment update!

We are currently juggling a few different projects, so fulfillment is going a little slower than we want it to, but there is good news: all international prizes have shipped (we do those first because they have longer shipping times). If you live outside the US and won a prize, you will have received an email with tracking information and your prize is on the way.

A few domestic prizes have also gone out, but most of them will ship out in one big heave (we use a bulk shipping service to keep costs down). Even though things are moving slower than we hoped, all prizes should be shipped out by the end of March. Anybody who won a lottery prize will receive a tracking email as soon as the package is scanned at the shipping facility.

In all, we’re shipping out 2,800 packages! According to Rachel’s collection of magical spreadsheets, this is the most prize packages we’ve ever shipped out, which seems very fitting.

Third, what’s all this about other projects?

We’ll be at Emerald City Comic Con this year! Visit us right by the signing area in Artists Alley, at booth MM1 & MM2! We’ll have a bunch of cool stuff from the Worldbuilders Market for you to shop, including a special ECCC Edition of the Unfettered III anthology! So say hi and ask us what’s up–we’ll have plenty to talk about!

Jenny is working on our booth layout this very moment (she ducked behind the table when she saw the camera)!

We’re also hosting another Worldbuilders Party on Friday, March 15th in room 3AB from 7 – 11 p.m. If you haven’t been to a Worldbuilders Party before, it’s a very casual private party where you can join authors, artists, game designers, and other geek celebrities at their gaming table to play games and chat for the evening. We’ll have snacks, a raffle, a silent auction, swag bags for all attendees, and (best of all) a nice, relaxed island of fun at the end of a hectic con day. Mingling is, of course, encouraged.

The Worldbuilders Party. It is a silly place.

Tickets for the Worldbuilders Party are still available!

We hope to see you at the con, but if you can’t make it, you can always find us on Facebook and Twitter. And now, we have to help Jenny get the booth figured out!