More lottery fulfillment news & the Humble Book Bundle!

The Worldbuilders office has been all a-flutter with activity lately, as we plan for Emerald City Comic Con, the Worldbuilders Party, a couple new projects (soon!), and so much lottery fulfillment. A few of you have already received your lottery items, and we want to thank you for supporting us! It’s so cool to see photos of you, your pets, your kids, and your coffee tables posing with the books & games we’ve been itching to send you since October!

Emerald City Comic Con

This is a casual event.

First a quick announcement–we’re going to have a booth (#KK1 in Artist Alley) at the Emerald City Comic Con this March 2-4. We’ll have a bunch of cool stuff for sale from The Tinker’s Packs, so if you’d like to see what our licensed merchandise looks like for The Iron Druid ChroniclesBitch Planet, Sex Criminals, Rat Queens, Dresden Files & more, come on down and have a look! Last year at ECCC we had just started working with Rat Queens, and we had some of their original merchandise for sale. This year, we’ve expanded on their product line. You just might need a Rat Queens enamel pin

We’re also hosting another Worldbuilders Party where you can purchase tickets to play games at the tables of such awesome authors/artists/game designers/celebrities as Robin Hobb, Myke Cole, Mike Selinker, Delilah S. Dawson, Sam Sykes, Chuck Wendig, Cat Rambo, Kazu Kibuishi, Katie Cook, Pat Rothfuss, and more. All proceeds support Worldbuilders, and it’s a four-hour con afterparty where you’re encouraged to have snacks, play games, chat with our favorite creators, and generally be laid back and cool about things. It really is an experience like no other!

Lottery Fulfillment

So many luscious books!

Okay, we know you want to hear about the lottery, and we want to talk about the lottery! We’ve been cranking on fulfillment for the past few weeks, and a few of you have already received your lottery items. We want to thank you for supporting us! We still have a way to go, and it’s mostly been just Rachel and Jenny working on fulfillment with help from Maria, Brett, Anne, and Mike when they have a spare moment.

It’s slow going because we have so many winners and so much stuff to send out, but we got this! Rachel is predicting that we should have every last prize sent out by the end of March. We want to surprise her by getting it done even sooner, so shhhhh.

Look how empty the shelves are getting!

Again, we can’t thank you all enough for donating to Heifer through our annual fundraiser, and for being wonderful, positive people online. We’ve seen you guys helping each other out and answering questions even before we can read the tweets/posts. The Worldbuilders community is fantastic, and we love you all!

Humble Bundle: Angry Robot Books

While you’re waiting for lottery items to arrive, how about some instant gratification? The Humble Book Bundle from Angry Robot Books launched yesterday, so for the next couple weeks you’ll be able to follow the link and donate whatever you like to get ebooks of some of the best fantasy and science fiction from some of our favorite contemporary authors delivered right to your inbox (technically, you get a page on the Humble Bundle site to download them, but that doesn’t sound as cool as “right to your inbox”). Best of all, this Bundle raises money for Worldbuilders. Thanks Angry Robot, you really DO like humans!

Seriously though, for as little as $1, you can grab six delightful books about deals with demons, supernatural assassins, changelings, occult cops, insane Japanese spirits, and worst of all, the Patent Office. If you donate $8, you more than double your haul with an additional eight books, and $15 will net you yet another six books, including Wesley Chu’s The Lives of Tao, and the third book in Justin Gustainis’s Occult Crimes Unit Investigation series (and if you donate at this level, you already have the first two)! It’s a great way to beef up your book collection, and all the Humble Bundle ebooks are cross-platform and DRM-free, so you can read them whenever you like using the technology of your choice.

We’ll be Facebook-ing and tweeting about all these things, so if you’d like to join the conversation, feel free to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. And in the mean time, thank you for being the best supporters a charity could hope for!