Let Con Season Commence!

The very last batch of lottery prizes from our 2017 End of Year Fundraiser was picked up yesterday, and even after a couple earlier shipments, we still managed to fill the entire truck!

The truck driver barely had room for his hand cart.

Big thanks to everyone who donated and spread the word. It’s because of all of you that we were able to raise over a million dollars to help support Heifer International‘s amazing programs worldwide that bring about lasting, positive change in the lives of millions of people stuck in a cycle of systemic poverty. That’s always the important part. Mailing out thousands of books and games is the fun part, and we’re so happy we can do that every year. (Speaking of which, here’s another shout-out to John Scalzi for donating a TON of awesome books for us to send out!)

Now that the lottery has wrapped up, we can focus on convention season, starting right away tomorrow with the Emerald City Comic Con! As we mentioned last week, we’ll be in Artist Alley at booth KK1 with a bunch of cool stuff for sale from The Tinker’s Packs. Come on over, visit for a bit, do some shopping, and let us know how your con is going!

If you have awesome cosplay, Anne will find you from this far away.

Tomorrow evening from 7 – 11 is the Worldbuilders Party, where folks can spend four hours of quality face time with some of our favorite authors, artists, podcasters, game designers, and entertainers. All our celebrity guests will be running various tabletop games, and we’ll have snacks, drinks, a raffle, and a silent auction. Mingling is encouraged, and we’ll even have an extra table loaded with more games in case you need to switch it up during the evening. If you would like to join us, there are still a few tickets left and a discounted price. It’s a fun experience like no other, and a surprisingly calm social event in the middle of a high-energy con!

If you can’t make it to Seattle, we understand. But if you’ll be home and need some delightfully geeky fun in your life, voice actress and Geek & Sundry alum Erika Ishii is celebrating her birthday with a 24-hour charity stream on her Twitch channel! She also has a Tiltify page set up to accept/manage donations. Last year, her charity stream raised over $10,000 for the ACLU, and this year, she chose Worldbuilders as her charity. The festivities start around 2pm PST this Saturday, and run until Sunday at 2pm. Erika says, “There will be video games, Nerf war and physical games, ball pit activities, pillow fights, competitive erotic fanfic, general partying, and so much more. This can be… intense.” We understand that last year, they made Erika eat a tarantula.

All the information, as well as the party stream, will be on Erika’s Twitch channel, so make sure you subscribe for all the information and shenanigans. Happy birthday, Erika!