Jenny’s Chocolate Constellations

Last week we were Jenniless. After giving us a crash course in everything we needed to know to keep things running smoothly, Jenny took off for the Great Canadian Wilds (also known as “Canada”) to stay at a lovely little cabin, take in the wonders of nature, hike around, and generally be Not At Work. We support this decision, even though it was really depressing to see her office empty.

Of course we had to prank her.

The doll head is, horrifyingly, not part of the prank. Jenny just likes it there.

We bought a package of individually-wrapped dark chocolate (she does prefer the bitterness) and tied each piece to different lengths of string. Brett spent 15 minutes at the top of a ladder tucking the string into the ceiling tiles in Jenny’s office, and we were ready to go. For those keeping track at home, a bag of Dove chocolates has about 28 pieces inside–27 after Maria eats one.

Once we were done, Jenny’s office had a sky full of dark chocolate stars to rival the Canadian wilderness (again, simply “Canada”–we’re pretty sure it’s all wilderness up there, like Australia, but a bit more polite and a lot less deadly. Kinda like a sugar glider with poutine).

Anyway, here’s what Jenny’s office looked like when we were done…

The giant windows do spoil the surprise a little…

It looks better than we thought it would!

Jenny’s office has WAY more art on the walls that the rest of ours…

…it’s like an art installation with donation boxes in the corner.

Dark chocolate stars.

Now, the idea was to place desirable chocolate just out of her reach because that’s a mean prank. But she really likes how it looks and plans to leave them up there for the foreseeable future. We’re not sure how, but we get the feeling she pranked us right back….

Have a lovely week, everyone, and in case you missed it on social media, the last of the lottery prizes hit the mail stream late last week! If you won something, you will have received an email with a tracking number. If you don’t get the email in the next couple days, then you didn’t get a lottery prize this time around, but you do (and always will) have our gratitude for donating to our annual fundraiser for Heifer International! With your help, we raised over a million dollars to help people in need, and that’s WAY cooler than some chocolate on a string.

You are wonderful. Please keep being so.