IndieGoGo Update #8: Final New Perks!

We’re rounding the corner on the end of the campaign, which means we’re unleashing our final batch of perks today. Nothing new will be added between now and Monday night at 11:59pm PT, so if you’ve been holding out to see what else shows up that’s really cool, now’s your time to pull the trigger.

Here’s the last couple of perks:

Bast Off cards doodled by Pat and Oot: $75

Pat and Oot practiced drawing Bast together, and we’ve thrown them up for those who might be interested in seeing how closely Pat’s drawings resemble a four-year-old’s.

Harry Dresden Shield Bracelets: $160 ($250 already sold out!)

We’ve only got one left, but Badali donated two of their brand-new, not-yet-released Harry Dresden Shield Bracelets for us, which they’ll debut at San Diego Comic Con.

Bonus: Colored Coloring Book Pages added to Random Orders

We’ll be adding some of the other coloring book pages from our coloring party at Worldbuilders HQ into random orders of the Princess and Mr. Whiffle Coloring Book.

We now have new stretch goals to share with you, since we’re reading the end:

At $100,000, Pat is going to announce the name of the world from his books.

At $110,000, we’ll start including free stuff with some of the orders. Magnets. Bookplates. Coins.

After that, we’re not sure. We’ll try our best to think of things if and when we get that far. As usual, suggestions are welcome smile

Have a beautiful Saturday, folks,

-The Worldbuilders Team