Employee of the Month

We have some awesome volunteers helping us with Geeks Doing Good fulfillment. Gavin and Jake have been here constantly, and Alisha even brought cookies! But one of our employees here at Worldbuilders has been absolutely indispensable though the process. We’d like to introduce you all to our very first Employee of the Month:


He and Jenny work really well together.

Jenny was the first one to notice what a great job Bag has been doing, and she brought his hard work to our attention. Rachel agreed that he was an absolute dynamo. When they came to the rest of the team with glowing reports of Bag’s exemplary performance, we had to start an Employee of the Month program.

Here he is holding all the recycled packing material AND taking inventory.

With Bag on the case, we always know where our packing materials are. He’s ready with bubble wrap, paper, and air pillows. He’s very eco-conscious (everything he uses is recycled from other packages). He can handle anything we throw at him.

He also dresses up for Business Friday.

Bag is a hard worker, he stays organized, and he’s reliable. We don’t know what we’d do without him. And to think, when he came aboard a couple years ago, all he could do was hold four rolls of bubble wrap. Since then, he’s diversified immensely, and now he holds an amazing assortment of packing material at the ready¬†all the time. He’s here when we arrive in the morning, and he’s the last one here at night when we all go home. His dedication is mind-boggling. That’s why Bag is our: