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Auctions - LAst dAy!                                                                                                      Please note: All auctions end TONIGHT!

                                              Prongles POP Display, with snacks                                                                                         Critique from Michael J. Martinez
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Click for everything!

                                              Donated by Cards Against Humanity                                                                                         Donated by Michael J. Martinez
                                              One-time snack-makers Cards Against Humanity                                                                              Michael will critique up to 25,000 words of your
                                              sent us goodies from their 2017 Black Friday                                                                              SF/F novel (or a shorter work), including both an
                                              promotion: Original Prongles plus their retail                                                                            overall opinion on the strength of the work, thoughts
                                              display! Show off your snack food in style!                                                                               on individual sections, and ideas on direction and
                                                                                             See this auction!                                                          ways to improve.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       See this auction!

                                               Critique from Joshua Palmatier                                                                                            Laura Anne Gilman will write flap copy

                                               Donated by Joshua Palmatier                                                                                               Donated by Laura Anne Gilman
                                               Joshua will write a general evaluation of your story                                                                      Laura says, “I am offering to write-from-scratch or
                                               and mark up the manuscript using comments and                                                                             revise existing copy (limit 300 words) for an indie
                                               track changes in the document itself, although this                                                                       publication (novel or collection, any genre).”

                                               will NOT be a formal line or copy edit, simply                                                                            She has 20 years’ experience writing compelling
                                               commentary at specific points in the short story.                                                                         summaries for book covers—trust the professional!
                                                                                            See this auction!                                                                                                          See this auction!

                                              Critique from Pamela Freeman                                                                                              SF worldbuilding help from Eric Dahl

                                              Donated by Pamela Freeman                                                                                                 Donated by Prof. Eric Dahl
                                              Pamela will read and critique either up to 50 000                                                                         This auction gets you one physics professor’s
                                              words of any kind of novel you like (or less of a                                                                         critique of your world building—what laws are
                                              shorter work). This can include a structural outline;                                                                     broken, what is or is not consistent, and what crazy

                                              in which case she will assess the overall storyline as                                                                    inventions your ever-attentive readers might create
                                              well.                                                                                                                     for your universe....
                                                                                             See this auction!                                                                                                         See this auction!

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