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improve because milk has all the
          things my body needs,” said Siti.
          “I was always buying milk to make
          breakfast, but now I have my own.”
            Siti  has much more confidence
          and has become a better farmer
          thanks to Heifer. “I was not aware
          of animal husbandry, but now I
          know general animal husbandry,”
          she said. She owned just 8 animals
          in 2015: 2 Zebu bulls (that she used
          as draft power), 5 chickens, and 1
          goat. Now she owns 34 animals: 11
          Zebu, 7 goats, 15 chickens, and her
          dairy cow.
            “After  receiving the  knowledge
          from Heifer, I have noticed a lot of
          faults in the way we were farming
          and raising animals,” said Siti.
          “After having knowledge, we are
          able to treat our local cattle. Before
 Siti Mwampashe (26 yrs) holds her daughter Doreen Mashaka Mwashambwa (11 months) near the family’s cow in
 Lungwa village, Tanzania on April 29, 2017.  the project, my animals were dying
          from diseases because I didn’t
 Orphaned at 13  know how to treat or vaccinate

          them,” she said. Three goats, four
          Zebu, and more than 200 of her
 By Heifer International  number of small jobs that barely  was given 3 kilograms of Rhodes   chickens had died because she
 gave them enough to scrape by.   grass seeds for fodder, and 7 bags   lacked the knowledge of how to
 Siti  Mwampashe was orphaned   When  Siti heard about an  of cement, 12 roofing sheets, and   care for them. Now, none of her
 at age 13, leaving she and her older  upcoming Heifer International  6 kilograms of nails to build a   animals have died since Heifer   Siti Mwampashe (26 yrs) holds her daughter Doreen Mashaka
 brother responsible for their five  project, she knew this was her  cowshed.  trained her.  Mwashambwa (11 months).
 younger siblings. “I was living in a  chance to change their lives for the   And  finally  in  October 2015,   In  addition to  her animals,  Siti  still a long way to go, Siti’s future  village to pull themselves out of
 hard condition,” said Siti. “We had  better.  after years of dreaming about   farms 10 acres of maize, beans,  has already grown brighter.  poverty.
 no source of help.” They continued   Heifer  began their trainings in  owning a cow and all the ways it   groundnuts, coffee, and pasture.   Siti’s favorite aspect of the Heifer   “The   first  Cornerstone  is
 to work the family farm even  2015, and Siti went to as many  could improve her family’s lives,   Much of this was used solely for  program  is Passing on the Gift.  the foundation of all the other
 without much knowledge of how  as she could, learning about  Siti received her heifer.  home consumption, but Siti hopes  When her dairy cow gives birth to  Cornerstones,” said Siti. “I received
 to farm, Siti often working after  Heifer’s  Cornerstones,  animal  “I was very very glad on the day   that her crops can help bring even  a female offspring, she will pass  something through love and I must
 school - and she managed to stay in  husbandry, disease identification  I received my cow,” she said. “I   more income to her family in the  this calf on to another family in  pass-on the same way.” She believes
 school for eleven years even while  and control, feeding and storage,  was happy because I could see that   future.   her community, so that they might  that if this method of providing
 helping to support her siblings.  feed formulation, and leadership.  my dream was coming true.”  Siti  is full of grand plans like  get the same benfits Siti has found.  animals, training, and passing on
 Siti  eventually dropped out of  Siti was chosen to be one of the   Her  cow produces 6.5 liters of   this: she wants to farm more, and  She loves to pass on the gift of  is multiplied, then many other poor
 school to marry, and had her son  first recipients of this program,  milk every day. Siti sells 4 liters,   raise even more animals. She hopes  her knowledge as well: Siti was  families will be successful.
 Thobias, and daughter Doreen.  and Heifer gave her the supplies to  but keeps the other 2.5 liters for   one day she can have as many as  trained as a community facilitator,
 They were still living hand-to- use all that she had learned during  home consumption. “When I   eight dairy cows. Though there is  so that she could help others in her   Thanks to Heifer International for
 mouth, though, Siti working a  the animal husbandry training: she  drink milk, I know my health will   letting us share Siti’s story.

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