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Tuckerization from Bishop O'Connell


Bishop O'Connell's American Fairy Tale series tackles all things fae--and updates it. Urban fairy noir? We think so! If you'd like to have naming rights over one of his new characters in the upcoming book (and names are pretty important things), Bishop has this to say:

The winner will get to choose one of two different characters to be named after them in my next book. Neither of them are mortal or fae, and in fact are introducing a group of supernatural beings only mentioned in the last book. They might be recurring characters, not sure yet, but they will most certainly be awesome and something you can brag to your friends about! Additionally, the winner will get mentioned in the dedication of the book as a special thanks for supporting a great charity.

I'll also be making a matching donation for whatever my tuckerization brings in...let’s say up to $500.

Bishop, you rock. Your awesomeness makes us blush.