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"Families that game together..." - AUCTION

"Families that game together..." - AUCTION

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Artist: Geek Calligraphy

Quantity: 1

Donated by: Geek Calligraphy

Signed, limited edition numbered print of "Families that game together..." from Geek Calligraphy!

Ariela Housman and Terri Ash founded Geek Calligraphy in 2015 have have been making high quality calligraphy art ever since.

This piece features a beautiful quote: “Families that game together are AWESOME.” We’re pretty sure most of our people can relate to that.. It’s a limited edition print, numbered 2 out of 200, and measures 20”x16”. It’s signed by the artist, and comes matted and encased in a protective, archival quality plastic bag.

This print is so beautiful the photos don't do it justice. The colors are vivid, and you can see the variation in ink density. Hang it in your gaming room with pride--but only if you bid early and often!