Geeks Doing Good

the  Lottery

This is the option most people will want. It’s simple. You hop directly over to the page we’ve set up on Team Heifer, and donate.

When you donate on that page, two things happen.

  1. You’ll move us closer to our stretch goals (shown on the homepage).
  2. You’ll be entered in the lottery.

After the fundraiser is over, we’ll have a random drawing for all the swag that’s been donated. Thousands of books, comics, DVDs and other cool miscellany.

For every 10 bucks you donate, your name will get entered into the drawing once. If you donate thirty bucks, your name goes in three times. Think of it as buying tickets, if you like.

We’ve had *way* too many books donated to post them all up at once. So we’ll be putting up a post on Pat's blog full of donated books every day or so, just to keep y’all from being overwhelmed.

Pat's Worldbuilders blogs will be shorter than in years past, because we don't want anyone's eyes glazing over as they scroll through title after title. But if you want to see just how generous our sponsors are, the full list will always be available on the Lottery bookshelf.

Make sure to check back often to see the new coolness.

Note: Worldbuilders Fundraiser ends December 9, 2016 at 11:59 pm. All donations must be in before then to qualify for the lottery.