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We are Worldbuilders! What more do you need to know?

Okay, fine, here's some extra info. If you have no idea who we are, Our Mission is a good place to start. If you want to know where to donate,head over here. If you have questions about our annual year-end fundraiser, there's a special FAQ for that. If you're curious about our summer Geeks Doing Good fundraiser, it has its own FAQ, too. Anything else is hopefully answered here!

If you're still left scratching your head about something, send us an email at, and we'll do our best to clear everything up.

How can I be a Worldbuilders sponsor/donor?

It’s easy, check out our How To Sponsor page. From there you can find out what we need, and you can also use our handy Contact form.

I’d like to do an interview with you so I can write a story about Worldbuilders for my local paper/magazine/whatever.

If you’re a journalist, blogger, webcomic-er, a celeb with a huge twitter following, or just someone who has a cool idea about how to spread the word, drop us a line via our Contact form, or check out our Media Packet when we get one together.

Is Worldbuilders part of the Amazon Smile program?

Yes we are, but please don't go out of your way to shop there exclusively. While it is a nice program, we tend to support local businesses as a matter of preference.

Here's how Smile works: if you go to and select Worldbuilders Inc as your charity, Amazon will donate 0.5% (that's half a percent) of your purchase total from eligible items to us. So a $100 purchase nets us fifty cents, assuming all the items in that purchase are eligible for a Smile donation.

We'd recommend you call around to your local shops for normal purchases, since small businesses in your area can use the extra money. But if you do plan on making a purchase on Amazon, Smile is the way to go. You might even find another of your favorite charities registered there as well.

So then what's up with the Powell's Partner Program?

Powell's Books in Portland, Oregon approached us with a very nice sponsor idea. They came in as a sponsor for our 2014 Fundraiser by setting up a program where if you follow a special link to their website and buy books, they will donate 7.5% of each sale to Worldbuilders. You have to follow the link, though, so they know where to send the donation.

While the Partner link won't work in their physical bookstore, you're more than welcome to place your order online and pick it up in their store.

What exactly is that link, you ask? Why, it's Thanks for asking, since we couldn't figure out a way to work the link into the text.

How else can I support Worldbuilders when you're not running a fundraiser?

You can shop at The Tinker's Packs, where we sell lot of cool geeky goods that support our fundraising efforts throughout the year. With Humble Bundle, you can now choose which charity a portion of your money goes to, and we're one of the options. If you sign up for a free Gemr account using our link, Worldbuilders gets $3.

If your house is too cluttered with books, games, geeky collectibles, and other coolness, you could send some of it to us - we love donations, and anything we receive during the year gets held onto until it can find its place in a fundraiser.

The easiest thing to do is just talk about us. Tell your friends and family. Spam your coworkers. Annoy your waiter (don't actually annoy your waiter, they're nice people). Write a story for your local paper. Make up a Worldbuilders song. Knit something. Help get the word out, because that's the easiest way to make the world a better place!

Are you a 501(c)(3) organization?

We are indeed! We've got the certificate to prove it, and that means your donation is tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law.

I have a question you didn’t answer here….

Drop us an e-mail via our Contact page and we’ll answer it as soon as we’re able…