Geeks Doing Good

geeks doing good  faq

We've been receiving quite a few emails about some of the procedures and products in our summer Geeks Doing Good campaign on Indiegogo, so hopefully this page will clear up any lingering questions. If it doesn't, feel free to email us at and we'll help.

How does this fundraiser work?
What if I want to get more than one perk?
Where is the International Shipping perk?

Indiegogo has a nice new feature that allows us to charge actual shipping costs by country, so shipping is added on during the checkout process after you select your country. 

The Book and Game Bundles ship worldwide now?
Wait! I ordered a t-shirt and it didn't ask for my shirt size!
What's the deal with the digital perk bundle?
How does the JoCo Cruise cabin contest work?
Is my purchase from this fundraiser tax-deductible?
My address has changed since the end of the fundraiser. How can I let you know where to send my perks?
When will my perks ship?
How will you let us know when they ship?