Your Annotated, Illustrated College Survival Guide by Patrick Rothfuss


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Pat Rothfuss

Extremely rare Your Annotated, Illustrated College Survival Guide by Patrick Rothfuss, signed by Pat and illustrator Brett Hiorns, doodled by Brett!

Back when Pat was in college and thought himself funny (he was in college; he was not as funny as he thought), he penned a fake advice column for the campus newspaper. Every week people would write him for advice, and he would sometimes answer. Most of the time, he would talk about everything from sexual dreams, to clowns, to how to scam food off your friends.

These days, he is fond of the College Survival Guide, but not exactly proud of it (there are a couple columns about stalking women, for example, and as his teen years wore off, he realized that it’s a serious issue that shouldn’t be treated flippantly). Luckily for him, there were only 500 copies of Your Annotated, Illustrated College Survival Guide printed way back in the early 2000s, so these days it’s exceptionally rare. Unluckily for him, we have one to auction off for charity so a fresh pair of eyes can see what college-age Pat’s unbalanced fictional avatar was like, warts and all.

This paperback is a collection of the first five years of the College Survival Guide, illustrated by his friend Brett Hiorns. This book is currently pristine, but before it’s sent to the winner, we will have Pat defile it with his signature and Brett add an inappropriate doodle, just to make it that much more special. Or awful, depending on how you frame it.

Worldbuilders is very grateful to Pat Rothfuss for this donation.