Y THE LAST MAN comic series lot, issues 1-59


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Christopher & Sheri Daley

Nearly-complete lot of 59 original Y THE LAST MAN comics!

This is a nearly-complete collection of all issues of Y The Last Man, missing only the final issue, #60.

Each comic is individually bagged and boarded, and looks to be in excellent condition. As these were donated from a personal collection, Worldbuilders cannot certify the exact condition of each issue.

From issue #1:

Suddenly – and without warning – a mysterious plague kills every living creature on the planet with a Y-chromosome. Planes fall from the sky, power plants stop operating, and lines of communication are severed as nearly every last male – half of the global population – simultaneously drops dead. Every male…except for one young man.

Worldbuilders is very grateful to Christopher & Sheri Daley for this donation.